Company Introduction

qmi-cambodiaGrandtwins Company is a professional garment production industry. The company's long-term uphold the business philosophy of "innovation, quality, integrity, and extended to start from the beach pants jacket leisure and sportswear, and then more in the garment sector professional foundry to lay a solid and stable foundation.

Actively integrate rich product features, grandtwins have professional operating and R & D team, constantly by investing in the future to create customer needs and service, through strategic alliances with customers, explore new application needs, and develop demand-oriented products, and a continuation of competitive advantage to open up new market opportunities; short-term product development, and actively expand the depth and breadth of product research and development level.
Growth to achieve profit multiples the breakthrough ten billion performance goals.
Long-term development will expand the scale of business operations through product diversification, active R & D investment in innovative technology.

Looking at the world to seek opportunities for international cooperation, and cultivate technical talent globally competitive.
Acceleration technology raise the level of implementation of innovative ideas.